wpd611d9d5_0f.jpg Born in 1952 I discovered photography in the early sixties when I received my first camera, a Billora 6×6 from my uncle. It opened a new world for me.

A few years later I was be able to develop my own pictures on barite paper in a little room that was transformed into a basic darkroom. Many years afterwards I bought my first own reflex camera, a Practica TL with a 50 mm lens. Photography became a passion. I learned all what I had to know by myself and became a “self-made photographer”. Eventually I realized that my knowledge was limited and I decided to follow a training at the Academy of Figurative Arts “de Meiboom” in Halle, Belgium. After 5 years I became a graduate in photography. It was a boost to make better photography.

Many years ago I deserted the darkroom. Now I work digitally with a Nikon D800 and a Fuji X100 cameras and I develop my pictures with Photoshop. The results can be compared to the analogue method and it gives me even much pleasure to discover the image that appears on the screen as on paper.

Enjoy my photographs and let me know what you think about it.